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Book 'Alles Mens'

“Manon Rouwette writes in a profound way about the illness that turned her life and that of her husband upside down, eighteen years ago. Having suffered from leukaemia myself, I can relate to the despair and the difficult struggle in finding the lifesaving treatment within an inflexible healthcare system. Manon gives us an insight into the impact a life-threatening illness has, not only on the patient, but also on the partner or spouse and the family as whole. Manon lets us in on her fears and anxiety and her quest for clarity and the cause of the illness. A journey that influences her daily life still to this day, 18 years later.” – Herman Hintzen

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My compliments for your work, your courage and your story. You have managed to incorporate information, surroundings and important facts into your personal story. It gave me goosebumps from time to time, but that really isn't a bad thing.

Jacqueline ReitStoer Tekst & Creatie

Thank you, Manon, for your wonderful book. The world is a more colourful place, thanks to your book.

Véronique Klaassen

I read your book in one sitting. It was beautiful!

Annet Leijsse

I will send you a review of your beautiful book. Think of it as a kind of a review from a very interested reader, who has read the book with great respect and admiration. The story touched me deeply! Thank you!

J. van de Avoort

Beautifully written! I could not stop reading the book. Very impressive.


Your book gives me so much strength!


The reader will peruse the fascinating story with admiration and respect and will come to the conclusion that the resilience shown by Manon and the way she describes it in the story of the illness and the recovery of her Jean-Paul, indeed make her an "alles mens", [translator's note: an 'Alles mens' is someone who enjoys and wants to experience everything to the full], a honorary title given to her by one of her children.

Alles Mens Recensie 210927

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