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For teams and organisations

For HR staff executives team managers interested professionals and their teams

who want to understand dynamics and patterns in their organisation and move forward.

From friction, frustration and stagnation to flow, harmony and performance. Learning to look systemically and experience a systemic approach is a valuable asset for everyone.

The focus of all training courses is on connection. Gaining insight in the unconscious dynamics creates the ability to move forward and to really connect with each other, with your roots and/or your own talents.

Master in Coaching offers the following training and workshops:

A short introductory systemic workshop

A simple, yet powerful introduction. With a few simple exercises, you will already begin to experience the positive influence of working in a systemic way on the performance of those involved. This workshop is suitable for teams or any group of interested people who do not form part of team.

2-day Introduction to working in a systemic way

A brief but inspiring introduction: You will gain insight in the principles of systems, how they work, their influence on the performance of employees. You will also experience the influence first-hand and will learn how you can apply it, through a number of practical exercises.

5-day Advanced training in working in a systemic way.

Find out how systemic principles can help you develop the team, the organisation or individual employees, so that they can achieve a flow state in their work and achieve better results more easily, whilst in the meantime creating a healthier work environment with less absenteeism.

In this training, we delve deeper into the systemic principles. With a series of practical exercises, you will experience the power of working in a systemic way and the space it can create, allowing for changeability and the potential for further development.

We will work on a deeper, sometimes more personal level. Experience has shown that the effects of a systemic approach last longer and lead to more sustainable improvements, compared to other methods. The systemic perspective can also help in mapping the consequences of organisational topics and even in future decision making.

1-Day Introductory workshop into the TalentCompass

A workshop for professionals to gain insight into their individual talents and how they can bring the team and organisation to a higher level by using their talents.

Using a questionnaire that participants complete on-line, a report is generated that clearly shows where the participants’ talents lie. During the workshop, participants will receive a brief explanation for each of their talents. Usually this creates a party atmosphere of recognition! With this knowledge, participants can further develop in their work and career in a way that suits them best and matches their talents, making this development easier.

Customised training programme

This training programme promotes the development of professionals, allowing for growth, fun and a state of flow that benefits the development of the organisation or company as a whole. We can tailor this program to your organisation’s needs and areas of further development.

1-day Workshop

How can I support employees who are dealing with grief, bereavement or who have a seriously ill relative or loved one?
In general, managers would like to offer their support in the best possible way, but often do not quite know how this is best done. Experience shows that with the right flexibility and support, the employee feels understood and supported, which reduces the risk of absenteeism.