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Manon Rouwette

Master in Coaching Trainer Legal Counsel Author of the book 'Alles Mens'

‘Coaching people is very much anchored in my DNA!

My focus is on awareness and connection, both in business and on a personal level and there where those two meet.

Legal Counsel and Coach

Following my internationally oriented degree in law, I worked for more than 25 years as a Legal Counsel in Dutch and international business. I have supported employees and management boards of both family companies and multinationals with an American parent company. The international aspect, the contact with people of different nationalities and cultures is tremendously rewarding to me. I am fluent in English, French and have good command of the German language, which is most helpful in this.

Furthermore, I love travelling. On the one hand to discover new places and on the other hand, the journey together towards personal development, as a coach, mentor or sparring partner.

Coach, Mentor and Sparring Partner

In addition to my work as a legal counsel, I trained to become a coach. After completing a general ‘Coaching as a profession’ training, I also qualified as a systemic coach and offer systemic coaching for teams and organisations.

Illness, Loss and Grief
In addition, I have been trained in how to manage illness, loss and grief. I also use the TalentCompass to gain insight into how a person can get their life or job, best back on track.

This is why I use of several methods, techniques and lines of approach in helping others. Coaching people is very much anchored in my DNA!

My interest in the coaching profession is partly motivated by the traumatic situation my husband and I were confronted with at the age of 34, as described in my the book ‘Alles Mens‘. (see above).

Others have since reached out to me for support in a similar, profound situation – a seriously ill partner or loved one. As someone who has gone through the same, I fully understand what the person must be experiencing.

I support them through these profound, personal processes in their lives that often also affect their career. The other way around, people may come to me with a work-related issue and we end up examining personal, underlying topics. I do all this as a mentor, sparring partner or coach – whatever you would like to call it – for professionals working in local or international business. At their own request or in consultation with their employer.

Alles Mens

Als kanker je partner treft, van Over leven naar Voor leven

A book about the journey my husband and I found ourselves on from the moment he got the inoperable and untreatable cancer diagnosis, to how this, thankfully, took a different turn. In this book, I look back from the ‘here and now’. The impact on our lives was tremendous and is still felt at times.

We have come to understand how strong the power of connection, of hope and of not giving up can be. Many have since been touched by our journey that I describe in the book. This book will help you embrace life to the fullest.

The book is currently only available in Dutch. A condensed English version is in the making. If you are interested in this version, please do not hesitate to contact me